CDV By Mrs. E. B. Chappell

Carte de Visite, circa 1870s – mid-1880s. Photographer:  Mrs. E. B. Chappell.

Price:  $10.00        Size:  About 2 and 1/2 x 13/16″

Like the last post, here’s a beautiful child posing for a Carte de Visite photo, also in that common “casual” style pose (just my take on it, as in….It’s casual Dudette 😉 but all about what to do with placement of arms and hands, etc. in a photo, so as not to look awkward)  standing, with one arm resting on the fringed armrest of the photographer’s chair and a leg crossed at the ankle. The little girl in the image wears a watch or pendant chain necklace as well as a  bracelet on both wrists, so perhaps the family was somewhat well-to-do.

Sort of a mystery

The photographer, Mrs. E. B. Chappell of Sturgis, Michigan, was not verified in directories or census records. Several websites have a little info on her as Mrs. Eliza B. Chappell, operating in Sturgis and Athens, Michigan, with dates ranging from 1884 – 1889 on Cabinet Cards, but finding a Mrs. Edith Chappell living in Sturgis on the 1870 Federal Census (maiden name Reeves in other records) leaves one to wonder if they could be the same person. (Edith changed to Eliza?…middle initial “B” as the next letter in Elizabeth?) Edith and her husband Edward Chappell had three children, Charles, William and Sarah (Sarah died in infancy in 1873.) Edith and Edward were both born in England, and it seems they might have separated (she is on the 1870 in Sturgis with her boys in August, but almost a month earlier the family is together on the 1870 in Jackson. By the 1880, Edward Chappell is still in Jackson, has the boys with him, and is listed as single. Edith is not found on the 1880 census (nor is Eliza B.) This is just a theory for now. And true, there may be city directories for Sturgis and/or Athens that list the photographer, but if they exist, they are not online, so a more in-depth search is needed.

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Ed Anderson, Eau Claire, Wisconsin

Carte de Visite, circa 1875 – 1883. Photographer:  Charles H. Tebo, Eau Claire, Wisconsin.

Price:  $12.00            Size:  About 2 and 1/2 x 4 and 1/8″

Confident Ed

Ed, a sturdy and confident-looking boy of about five or six years old, has posed for this Carte de Visite, and there are at least a couple of possibilities for him from online records:  On the 1880 Federal Census there is the Edward H. Anderson, born about 1877 in Wisconsin, parents Joseph D. and Elizabeth A. Anderson, living in the town of Washington (just southeast of Eau Claire) or the Edward Anderson, born about January 1870 in Wisconsin from the 1870 Federal Census for Eau Claire, son of Norwegian born Ole and Emily Anderson.

Charles Hamilton Tebo, photographer

The photographer for this Carte de Visite was New York State native Charles Hamilton Tebo, born 1850 and per the CDV his studio location was on the “north side of Broadway”. Only one record was found for him under this occupation which was the 1880 census for Eau Claire, and surprisingly, no city directories were found for him as a photographer –  the closest directory record found after 1880 is not until 1889, in which he is listed as a grocer. So, this makes it a little more difficult to try to narrow down dates, to see if the photo is more likely of one of the two Ed Andersons mentioned above, or if it might be of a different Ed Anderson entirely. (Photos of the photographer and his family have been posted on family trees.)

Definition given

One more thing of note:  Look closely and you’ll see that someone drew lines on Ed’s hair in the photo. And in taking a look at the actual CDV, it appears this may have been done by the photographer, before processing the image. He probably thought the hair blended too much with the background and needed some definition.

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Montréal Girl

Carte de Visite. Photographer:  Notman & Sandham. Circa 1877 – 1882.

Price:  To be determined.        Size:  About 2 and 1/2 x 4″

William Notman (1826 – 1891)

Henry Sandham (1842 – 1910)

The Notman collection (about 650,000 photographic works) is, according to Marian Scott’s article in the Montreal Gazette,  “…the jewel in the crown of the McCord Museum,”  the McCord being located in Montréal, Québec, Canada. Though our carte-de-visite above does not show off the incredible clarity nor have the chance to exhibit any of the innovation that the Notman firm became known for, it’s still a lovely portrait of a beautiful young woman. She wears a Christian cross, possibly jeweled, on a rather large-link short chain; a high, white ruffled collar under a dark blouse or dress; and a bow tying back her dark hair, which is worn parted in the middle with short bangs.

Photo and paint….

We don’t necessarily think of painters (artists in oil, watercolor, etc.) in conjunction with photographic artists. Or, at least, I confess, I did not. Notman is said to have developed and made popular the composite photo, where individual studio portraits were taken, cut out, fastened onto the composite negative of a painted background (this is my understanding from piecing together a couple of online descriptions) and printed. Below, a well-known example entitled, “La culbute” (The bounce) of the Montréal Snowshoe Club. Notman & Son, 1886. Per author Sarah Parsons, William Notman:  Life & Work, the Notman firm offered oil paintings of all its photos. No wonder then, that Notman’s photography company had its own art department (which was for some years headed by Henry Sandham.)

Below, a couple of articles referencing Henry Sandham, from the Boston Herald, January 23rd and August 14th, 1881.

Last, but not least, another prominent Canadian, printer George-Édouard Desbarats (1838 – 1893) who was the founder of the lithography firm that did the reverse of our Montréal Girl cdv. The printing on the bottom left of the card shows  “Desbarats, lith., Montreal.”

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Woman In Plaid, Malmö, Sweden

Woman In Plaid Malmo Sweden cdv1Woman In Plaid Malmo Sweden cdv2

Carte-de-Visite by photographer Per Axel Sjöberg. Malmö, Sweden. Circa 1905 – 1915.

Price:  $7.00        Size:  2 and 1/2 x 4 and 1/8″

The most recent year on the back of the CDV, advertising the photographer’s awards and locations given, shows 1905; very helpful in placing an approximate date for the photo of the beautiful Swedish woman with the regal bearing. Is she the same woman from the prior post, but somewhat older? Maybe, or maybe not, but there does seem to be a resemblance. Both CDVs were found in the same bin at one of the recent paper fairs in San Francisco, so if they are not the same person, they could at least be related. And in looking closely at her plaid blouse it appears to be made from flannel.

See the next post for details on the photographer, Axel Sjöberg.

A Handsome Swedish Couple

A Handsome Swedish Couple cdv1A Handsome Swedish Couple cdv2

Carte-de-Visite, circa 1890 – 1910.

Price:  $7.00     Size:  About 2 and 1/2 x 4 and 1/8″

A portrait of a young Swedish couple (for me the gentleman bears a strong resemblance to former Detroit Red Wing hockey player Tomas Holmström, the “Demolition Man” and Tomas-a-loca!, per my husband who is forever making up names for everyone, okay to be precise, it was a borrowed expression from someone he used to work with, but adapted to Homer. Yes, we’re huge Wings fans….) We have another Carte-de-Visite of a woman (found in the same group of old photos) and we wonder if she is one and the same or if they are sisters. She’ll be up in the next post.

As to the photographer, the back of the card shows:   “Gustaf Brink, P.D. Hoffotograf, Sw. Swenssons Atelier, Engelholm, Storgatan 55, Telefon 236.”  We’re not finding anything in the way of a biography for Gustaf Brink, but the Swedish genealogy website Rötter has a number of CDVs by him. The town of Engelholm is found on the map spelled Ängelholm, and we see “Hoffotograf” spelled “Hovfotograf” and translated in Google as “Court Photographer.”

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A Beautiful Lady At Christmastime

“Wishing You a Merry Christmas and a Happy New Year.”

A Beautiful Lady At Christmastime p1

No name on the back or photographer name, just a photo of a woman sending her Christmas and New Year’s wishes. She is perhaps in her fifties, with a very sweet expression. Her hair is swept up and back. She wears a crocheted white vest over a dark-colored dress or blouse with high collar, sleeves puffed at the shoulder, which may date the photo from the 1890s, a necklace with round pendant and a smaller brooch.

Carte de Visite with Christmas and New Year’s wishes. Circa 1890s.

Price:  $2.00        Size:  2 and 3/8 x 4″

Compliments Of Jimmie To Mrs. Carrie Hoagland

Compliments Of Jimmie To Mrs Carrie Hoagland cdv1Compliments Of Jimmie To Mrs Carrie Hoagland cdv2

Carte de Visite. Photo of Jimmie to a Mrs. Carrie Hoagland. Circa 1870s.

Price:  $5.00        Size:  About 2 and 1/4 x 3 and 1/2″

A Carte de Visite photo from about the 1870s….of Jimmie to a Mrs. Carrie Hoagland. Just look at that beautiful handwriting! Jimmie, a nice-looking young man with a heartbreakingly sad expression, (awww, hugs) wears a suit coat with wide lapels, a white shirt and a short necktie, and looks to be about sixteen or so. Was this a school photo given to his teacher? Carrie, Caroline or Carolina Hoagland (Mrs.) – wow, there are far too many possibilities under this name. What might give us a clue is the second word that is scribbled over at the bottom – if anyone can decipher it! I came up with some crazy words that when Googling, were identified, for example, as a fictional place in the land of Mario Bros. (hee hee) or the name of a Brazilian steel tube maker (lordy). But it seems like it might be a last name, as the first word there looks like “Hannah.” And maybe it was written around the same time that Jimmie signed the card – the “H” is in the same style.

Frank McMullen, Dayton, Ohio, 1894

Frank McMullen Dayton 1894 cdv1Frank McMullen Dayton 1894 cdv2

A handsome young man signed, dated and identified his location on the back of this Carte de Visite:   “Your Friend. Frank McMullen. Dayton O. 9/22/84.”

If Frank is about eighteen in this photo, he would have been born about 1866. An 1880 Federal Census record for Dayton, Ohio, shows young Frank, about age 15 (born about 1865) living with his sister, Eva (McMullen) Hanitch; brother-in-law Henry Hanitch, and nephew, three-month-old Walter Hanitch. The address for the family is 207 Water St.

The 1870 census for German Township (about 33 miles southwest of Dayton) shows more McMullens:  Anne, age 37; Eva, age 16; Emma, age 7, as well as Frank, age 5. They are living with the Schaeffer family, and presumably, Anne McMullen is the mother. This record fits since we have Eva and Frank, and also ties into a later Dayton city directory (1893) that shows Ann (the widow of John and confirming Anne as the mother), Frank and younger sister Emma, living at 136 N. Sunset Avenue, in Dayton. In 1893 Frank is working as a traveling salesman for Thresher & Co.

A much earlier Dayton city directory (1881) shows Frank working as a clerk at 17 S. Main St., boarding at 207 W. Water, between Wilkinson and Liberty. So, Frank was out in the work force at least as early as about age sixteen.

Carte de Visite. Dated September 22, 1884. Dayton, Ohio.

Price:  $12.00     Size:  About 2 and 1/2 x 4 and 1/8″

Sources:  Year: 1880; Census Place: Dayton, Montgomery, Ohio; Roll: 1051; Family History Film: 1255051; Page: 106C; Enumeration District: 151; Image: 0211. (

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Miss Francis Burgin

Miss Francis Burgin cdv1Miss Francis Burgin cdv2

This Carte de Visite, circa 1859, was found in an antique shop in San Juan Bautista, California. Though the descendants are named on the back as grandson Philip McArthur and great-grandson Neil McArthur, no match was found online for Francis (possibly spelled Frances) Burgin and family. But it’s amazing to have this much information – quite out of the ordinary! And what is that plume-like object that Francis holds in her right hand? Upon closer inspection it looks like it may be a hat with a plume or fur top and a wide dark band.

Note:  Probably the original size was 4 x 1/2″ but for some reason the right-hand side of the card was trimmed.

Carte de Visite. Circa 1859.

Price:  $10.00       Size:  4 x 2 and 3/8″

Doctor “R” Of H.M.S. Penelope

Dr R HMS Penelope cdv1Dr R HMS Penelope cdv2

This is a Carte de Visite showing a photo of a gentleman posing for a formal portrait:  A pensive pose, with a book in his right hand and chin lightly resting on his left; seated next to, and with elbow resting on a small end table. His name appears on the back but is difficult to decipher:  The first word clearly looks like “Dr.” with the last name starting with “R.” Underneath the name is written  “H.M.S. ‘Penelope.’ ”
(The back of the card was darkened a little in the scanning process, to better show the wording.)

There were nine ships of the British Royal Navy bearing the name Penelope. This particular vessel was the fifth of nine; an armoured courvette (small warship) or ironclad that was launched in 1867 and broken up in 1912. An ironclad was a steam-propelled warship that was protected by iron or steel plates. This Penelope was the last ironclad to be commissioned in the Royal Navy.

HMS Penelope

Though the identity of the man in the photo was not found, that of photographer, William Vick of London Road, Ipswich was. He appears with his wife and children in the 1871 and 1891 England Census, and in directory listings ranging from 1874 – 1892. The 1874 directory shows Clarkson St., Ipswich, but starting in 1875 he is listed on London Road; the same address that appears on the back of this Carte de Visite. A more detailed post about the photographer will go up after this one.

Carte de Visite. Circa 1875 – 1880. Photographer:  William Vick, London Road, Ipswich, Suffolk, Great Britain.    Size:  About 2 and 1/2 x 4 and 1/8″

Price:  $20.00     

Sources:  Census Returns of England and Wales, 1871. Kew, Surrey, England: The National Archives of the UK (TNA): Public Record Office (PRO), 1871. Class: RG10; Piece: 1750; Folio: 5; Page: 1; GSU roll: 830780. (

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