Greetings To Father

Greetings To Father pc1Greetings To Father pc2

Divided back, used postcard. Postmarked April 11th, circa 1907, from Los Angeles, California. Publisher:  The Rotograph Co. New York, New York. Copyright 1906. Series B1229.

Price:  $8.00

A bevy of beautiful women for Dad, for Father’s Day, which was yesterday. We’re not finding any others like this at the moment, online. This is one from the Alice Ellison Collection. The sender writes:

“Just got a letter from Babe this morning, was so glad to hear from her. Dossie.”  Addressed to:

“Mr. J. M. Ellison. Pueblo, Colo.  26 St. & Cheyenne Ave.”

Greetings From Hamilton, Ontario

Greetings From Hamilton Ontario pc1Greetings From Hamilton Ontario pc2

Divided back, linen, used postcard. Postmarked August 22, 1954 from Hamilton, Ontario. Published by Royalty Specialty Sales, 118 Queen E., Toronto, Ontario, Canada. A Colourpicture Publication. Made in Canada.

Price:  $5.00

“Greetings From Hamilton, Ontario, Canada”

Beautiful Linen, Large Letter postcard from our Alice Ellison Collection, addressed to:  “Mr. & Mrs. G. Hume, 2100 Virginia St., Berkeley, Calif. USA” 

The sender wrote:  “Dear Mr. & Mrs. Hume. Here I am in Hamilton after a lovely trip. I hope you are both in the best of health. Will write you when I get settled   Love, Jean Leslie”