Santa In An Airplane

Old photo, white border. Circa 1920s to 1930s.

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We’re late getting to the Christmas posts this year…..Here’s the first, a subtle one, maybe taken in Southern California, due to the palm trees in the background. That is Santa in the monoplane with propeller and open cockpit, though you have to click to enlarge the photo to see him. Note the teddy bear attached just on the body of the aircraft, near the wing, and the draping tinsel. And maybe someone can tell us (or is it obvious?) Was this aircraft really used to fly or was it built for the parade? Probably the latter.

Teddy B.

Teddy B pc1Teddy B pc2

“Hello Little Bessie. I just happened to think that this was your birthday. So I am going to send you Teddie picture. He was very tired when he had it took he had been climbing the Mts that day. from your sister Lena”

Addressed to  “Miss Bessie Ellison, 26th & Cheyenne Ave, Pueblo, Colo.”

This one has two postmarks:  the outgoing from the sender’s location at Copperfield, Colorado on October 11, 1907, and the incoming to the Pueblo, Colorado post office, the next day. And what a wonderful postcard – sure, Teddy is pretty rough looking by this time, but isn’t he cool! (And does he remind you of Teddy Roosevelt? It’s just that when we see these old timers we think of the original teddy bears and their origin. Or he might remind you of an early Smokey the Bear – because of the hat.) The message is adorable, too.

The eagle publisher logo on the back of the card is for the publisher identified as Illustrated Postcard, who were located at 520 84th Street, New York, NY according to the excellent website Metropolitan Postcard Club of New York City.

Divided back, heavily embossed, used postcard. Postmarked October 11, 1907 from Copperfield, Colorado and October 12, 1907 at Pueblo, Colorado. Publisher:  Illustrated Postcard, 520 W. 84th Street, New York, NY.

Price:  $10.00

Source:  Metropolitan Postcard Club of New York City. Web accessed November 14, 2014. []

If You Are Not A Bear

If You Are Not A Bear pc1If You Are Not A Bear pc2

Divided back, used postcard. Postmarked June 14, 1907 from Chicago, Illinois. Publisher:  Tower M & N Company, New York. Series or number 97-6.

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“The children too

must have a pet –

If you are not

a bear you

may be one yet.”

Here’s another postcard in the Dr. Oswald F. Henning collection, showing an artist’s rendering of two absolutely adorable bears, dressed in clothing with ties and hats. The one has his arm on the other one’s shoulder and is confiding the above verse. There is no message or signature from the sender, and the card is addressed to:  “Mrs. O.F. Henning, Fort Sheridan, Illinois.”

Reid Family in San Luis Obispo, CA

Grandma and Aunt Mary's Home 1Grandma and Aunt Mary's Home 2MargaretWilliamWilliam at 1306 Higuera StMother and Wendell Mother and Wendell Our Home Our Home Ella Margaret and WendellHotshots Billy and Myself 001Hotshots Billy and Myself Wendell, Bill and Me Wendell, Bill and Me Grandma and Grandpa Grandma and GrandpaAunt EthelAunt Ethel Cousins and Their Dollies Cousins and Their DolliesWendell and His Teddy Bear Wendell and His Teddy Bear Wendell and Ella Margaret Wendell and Ella Margaret

Old photo set in small leather book-style album

Price:  $15.00

These charming photos are from a small leather-bound photo album found in a Morgan Hill, California antique store. They are of the Reid Family of San Luis Obispo, California, and the comments on them appear to have been written by Margaret V. Reid, granddaughter of Thompson Reid and Charlotte Marinda Manson. Margaret was the daughter of William Thompson Reid and Ruth Waite. Margaret V. Reid’s siblings were William and Wendell “Wennie”. The top photo shows the grandparent’s home at 1306 Higuera St. in San Luis Obispo. Others identified in the photos are the children’s mother, Ruth (Waite) Reid, Ella Margaret Hoyt, cousin to Margaret, William and Wendell, and their Aunt Ethel C. Reid (married name Senom?)