Barbecue At The H. M. Crawfords

Barbecue At The H M Crawfords p1Barbecue At The H M Crawfords p2

Garden party, Crawford style!

A great one for the 4th of July, and so nice to have the people identified on the back, in typed print, no less. As indicated, this photo was taken by Hube Crawford in the summer of either 1936 or ’37. The location is 64 Fern Lane, San Anselmo, California. Left to right are:  Bee Crawford, Anna Spuur, Jossie Midgley, Charles Midgley, Nina Vissing, William Midgley, Opal Kidd and Amy Crawford.

Besides the beautiful, smiling people, note the lovely linen tablecloth, the corn on the cob, the candle and pine cone centerpiece, the round, evidently late 1930s-style eye wear, the wicker chair, the heavenly setting under the big tree, (the hanging pine cones almost look like a string put up for decoration – were they? and if so, what a great idea) and last but not least, the dressy attire for all!

Black and white photo. Summer 1936 or 1937, San Anselmo, California.    

Price:  $20.00       Size:  About 8 and 1/4 x 6 and 1/8″