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    • Hi Kim, sorry I don’t have anything else from them. And I checked at the last vintage paper fair (impossible to see every item at these shows) but I did look through a pretty decent size box of trade cards but no luck. Will keep an eye out for you though! Anne

  1. Hi Anne,

    I am still interested in Gradon and Koehler items, if you happen to run across anything. Thank you so much for keeping your eye out. Take care,


  2. I am researching my Family Tree and I am a Decedent of Lewis Mashue/Louis Majue. I am trying to find out as much as possible. Could u lead me in any ways or have any information that I might not know about. Thank You

    • Hi Regina, probably the best way is to send you an invite to my family tree. I have quite a bit there regarding Louis. Hopefully there will be something you don’t have yet. I have to admit I haven’t done as much research on his ancestors as possible. My recollection is taking a break from that line, due to some of the church records being extremely hard to read. I should re-visit it. Anyway, I will email you and we can go from there. Thanks for contacting me. Nice to meet a cousin!

  3. I think your site is marvelous. With old postcards, it’s fun to look up
    the people and the addresses. Quite often,I have found the
    exact place where they lived. With this method, one can learn all
    about how people lived and the things they accomplished one hundred
    years ago!

  4. Hi Rebecca, thanks for the lovely comment. Your site is way cool! Awesome stuff there. I’ve found a few vintage or antique necklaces recently at thrift stores. Such fun to find unexpected treasures and rescue them really, from possibly being tossed away (cringe).

  5. Hi, about the post card on your site addressed to Steven Wennihan of Kansas, he was my great- grandfather! He died in 1940, at 63. Interesting it still exists. Sincerely, Dan Davidson

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