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Here are a bunch of old photos from someone’s family album, that have been waiting around to finally get scanned and posted. This is WWI Era (the date from the army barracks photos appears to be 7/20/18) and several show … Continue reading

How The Fashions Came

How The Fashions Came pc1How The Fashions Came pc2

Divided back, unused postcard. Circa 1907. Publisher:  A.T.F. Company, Chicago, Illinois.

Price:  $10.00

Heee heee. A great one, eh? Is that a horse or mule on the left? I don’t know. To me the image looks a little moose-like. This one appears to be showing a printing error, but if so, in this case it works really well with the subject. The publisher is A.T.F. Company of Chicago. When enlarging the back header in Photoshop to see the publisher name, a really cool effect happened. (The same thing did not happen in the regular Photo Viewer for Windows. I don’t know what that says about the pixels or technology or what have you!) Anyway, check out the stripes. The lines surrounding the words “Post Card” changed a little with each slight enlargement. I did a screen shot of this one to display here.

ATF Co Chicago Back Header

Hmmm. The publisher A.T.F. Company of Chicago shows up for other old postcards online circa 1905 – 1907. So, some undivided back and some divided like we have here. But nothing detailed for the publisher was found, as of the date of this post. In browsing the other various entries found online it seems this company must have published a number of humorous cards.