I’ll Stick To You

Stick To You pc1Stick To You pc2

Divided back, used postcard. Publisher:  S. Bergman, New York. Copyrighted 1913. No. 6508. Postmarked May 18, 1914 from Pueblo, Colorado.

Price:  $5.00

“I’ll stick to you thru thick and thin.”

Cute image of a little boy and girl on an early motorcycle, or perhaps a motorized bicycle, with the above caption. The girl wears a red outfit and hat with black tassels, and is looking back over her shoulder, smiling. The boy is outfitted for the road in his green motorcycle suit, brown boots, cap and gloves.

Sent to,  “Mr. J. M. Ellison. Gen. Del. Sacramento, Calif.”

The sender wrote,  “Dear Mike. I am sending this card to you to let you no we are all well. We had a letter from Lizzie this morning. Tell Dossie we got her letter and many thanks for the 5.00 spot. Good By.   Wiflie[?]”     The sender (hard to read his or her signature – Wilfie as a nickname for Wilfred?) added,  “Mr. Henson The baptist preacher was out to see me and said for me to give you his best reguard.”

On the postmarked year, the 1 in 1914 didn’t get imprinted, but presuming it’s a 1 rather than 2, due to the copyright date of the card. The publisher logo is also visible underneath the postmark, and shows a capital “B” inside an artist’s palette with the words “Bergman Quality” underneath.

This card is another from our Alice Ellison Collection.