Looking For….

From time to time we get queries from people who are searching for various surnames or specific ancestors that we don’t happen to have here at Laurel Cottage. We also get contacted by those that have found stuff that they have no need for, but realize that it might be important to somebody.

To help try to build that bridge for those who’ve found and those searching for specific surnames, etc, we’re starting this new page. (Yep, obviously not a new concept, but more is better when trying to break through brick walls).

So, whatever name or topic you’re looking for, just type it into the search box at the top right corner of any page and hit enter. If we’ve got something related you’ll see the entry or entries. If we don’t have it but it’s on somebody’s wanted list, you’ll see it come up in the “Looking For…” page. If you don’t see the person’s direct contact information in a “Looking For….” entry just hit the Home page, leave a comment, or email me directly at: anne.laurelcottagegenealogy13553@gmail.com. So, to get started here’s one from my friend, Annette (and thanks to Annette for the inspiration!).

DUMAS or MATHIEU in NY, Canada, or any area and GOYETTE, JARVIS or GERVAIS. Pictures, postcards, letters – for Annette P.  email:  annetteponto@gmail.com


Any advertisement items for Gradon and Koehler, Druggists of Portland, Oregon. (Walter A. Gradon and William F. Koehler.)


Real Photo postcards of people in Ensenada, Mexico