Dog And Skier, Finnish Handicraft Series

Divided back, artist-signed, unused postcard. Finnish Handicraft Series. Circa 1950s – 1980s.

Price:  $20.00

The date is unknown for this postcard, as no other cards were found online under any form of the back description:

Finnish Handcraft Series. Hemslöjdsföreningarnas Centralförbunds serie. Kotiteollisuusjärjestöjen Keskusliiton sarja. Maybe 1950s – 1980s as a broad guess. The artist’s initials “H. T.” appear at the bottom-left of the cross-country ski scene. Underneath are a reindeer and tree motif and above a diamond pattern. This is just a beautiful card. And that’s a Sami (Saami) man in traditional dress with a Four Winds Hat. I love the dog in mid-spring! as in bounce, that is. If you’re weary, the dog’s exuberance will rejuvenate you!

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Fortune Bright, Friendship True

Divided back, artist-signed, embossed, used postcard. Postmarked December 22, 1916 from Sacramento, California. Artist:  Ellen H. Clapsaddle. Publisher:  International Art Publishing Co. Series 104-3.

Price:  $12.00

Best Christmas Wishes…

“Fortune bright and friendship true,

Bless this Christmas-time for you.”

A Clapsaddle Christmas postcard:  This one’s a bit of a departure from the artist’s more recognizable work of adorable children. It shows a hazy winter scene of evergreens, with one in white standing out in embossed relief, and three small biblical-looking figures (I think it’s the staff that gives that impression) appearing near the bottom of the stand of trees, and then a rustic wooden fence leading to the foreground.

Sent to:   “Miss Bessie Ellison, 1415 G St, Sacramento, Calif.”

The sender wrote:   “A Merry Xmas and a happy New Year. F. J. Reynolds.”

The postcard cancellation was advertising the  “Panama California International Exposition at San Diego – 1916.”

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Me In 1915


Undivided back, used, artist-signed postcard. Postmarked April 6, 1906 from Waltham, Massachusetts.

Price:  $12.00

This 1906 postcard shows off the 1891 popular watercolor and gouache work, The Music of the Dance, by Philadelphia-born artist Arthur Burdett Frost (1851 – 1928). Funny that we have three dates here:  The date on the original artwork, 1891, that we see in the left corner of the “tableau” next to the signature; the postcard date of 1906; and the date projected into the future by, likely the sender of the postcard, who wrote,  “Me in 1915”.  Was the sender joking that he would be reduced to….or projecting his hopeful success of being elevated to the life of a traveling musician (in nine years time)? Interesting question!

And though the postcard is not in good condition, it’s the only one we see at this time online, and definitely a nice part of artist, postcard, and African-American in art history, not to mention significant for anyone doing any Rumrill family research.

The card was mailed to:   “Mr. F. P. Rumrill, Hillsboro Br., N.H.”

The abbreviation Br. is probably for Borough. And there are some possibilities but we didn’t find any “no-doubters” (as in home run baseball lingo) for F. P. Rumrill. But there were definitly Rumrills in Hillsborough (also written Hillsboro) notably a Frank G. Rumrill, born in NH December 1866 who appears on the 1900 Federal Census.

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Canada Geese By Angus Shortt


Postage stamp close-up below


Divided back, artist-signed postcard with actual artist signature on reverse. Artist:  Angus Henry Shortt. Reverse includes postage stamp designed from the artist’s work, with postage cancellation mark, Winnipeg, 1963. Publisher:  K. Bileski, Station B, Winnipeg, Canada.

Price:  $20.00

“Canada Geese in flight over Canadian Northlands . . . from a painting by the noted wildlife artist, Angus Shortt.”

You’ll notice that the postage stamp’s design is that of the four geese in the postcard which was taken from one of Angus Shortt’s paintings, but if you look closely at the enlargement of the stamp above, you’ll see that the placement of the geese, and the geese themselves are not identical. We found a 1948 vintage bookplate art print for sale on eBay and wonder if that image (though quite a bit different) was the original that the card and stamp were designed from, and if so, if it was the artist or the publisher (with artist’s permission?) that did the re-designing, or if there was another painting they were taken from. Just wondering briefly in passing….Here’s a short bio from Memorable Manitobans: Angus Henry Shortt (1908 – 2006). And in noticing which birds are honking and which not in the images above….gosh this brings back memories of being outside and….what’s that noise?…looking up and seeing the “V”….ahhhh! a whole flock of Canada Geese on their way (south, I guess), many honking in flight. What a glorious sight and sound!

Source:  Goldsborough, Gordon. “Memorable Manitobans:  Angus Henry Shortt (1908 – 2006)”  Memorable Manitobans, December 23, 2014 (revised). (accessed November 10, 2016).

Srdečné Přání

Srdecne Prani pc1Srdecne Prani pc2

A Czech postcard expressing  “Srdečné přání ”  or “Heartfelt wishes.” This may be from the same era (1930s?) as the card in the prior post, and is also an artist-signed card. The artist’s initials show on the front as “K.Š.”

This is another for the mystery category, the publisher with the logo of a pine or fir tree, above the initials, “F.O.P.” in a circle, and with three shield-looking emblems, was not found, nor were any references to the artist. We’ll be on the lookout for more at the next big postcard show coming up in April.

Divided back, artist-signed, unused postcard. Stamp box shows “Made in Tchécoslovakia.” Publisher:  F.O.P.  Series or number 21.

Price:  $10.00

Magyar Népviselet

Magyar Nepviselet pc1Magyar Nepviselet pc2

An artist-signed postcard, maybe from the 1930s? There is another postcard showing up online with the same type of reverse that the seller listed as circa 1930s. But nothing was found on the artist. The name appears to be Taubert? or something similar, (this one will go in our Mystery category for the unknown artist) but it’s a very cute image of a little girl in Hungarian national costume, holding some potted geraniums. In looking for the artist or a possible similar card, and Googling Hungarian national costumes….Oh, heaven! The colors and patterns, the embroidery, it’s all just so beautiful. (And why don’t we dress like this today if we want to?) I’m inspired!

Divided back, artist-signed, unused postcard. Made in Hungary. Series or number 320.

Price:  $10.00

A Case Of Lock-Jaw

A Case Of Lock Jaw pc1A Case Of Lock Jaw pc2

“Sept 6. I am afraid you will be in such a case some day. have you got over to homestead yet. I am going down to Uncle H’s today so write then. Herman.”

Addressed to:   “Miss Mabel Wildrick, 30 Tonnelle ave, West Hoboken, N. J.  % Geo Bartow.”

This postcard was sent to Mabel J. Wildrick, born June 1888, from her younger brother, Herman P. Wildrick, born October 1889, New Jersey born (both). From the 1900 Federal Census taken in Stillwater Township, NJ:  They are with their parents, Jacob B. Wildrick, born June 1863 and Susan E. born August 1859, both in NJ. He is a foreman at a creamery.  Also in the household is Arthur Linaberry, born October 1879 in New Jersey, who is the nephew to head of head of household, Jacob.

Find A Grave shows the entry for the Wildricks, and gives Susan E. Wildrick’s maiden name as Youmans. Arthur Linaberry turns out to be Susan (Youmans) Wildrick’s nephew, son of Phillip Linaberry and Martha D. Youmans. And George Bartow (the “care of” on the postcard) appears to be related on the Linaberry side, with Phillip Linaberry showing up on an Ancestry tree with the middle name of Bartow.

As for the artist, Antlers, his identity was not found. He did a whole comic series though, about mosquitoes, and those postcards, dated 1905 and 1906, are easily found at the moment for sale on eBay and other sites.

Lastly, Mabel’s younger brother Herman, that funny guy (!) was correct about his older sister. She married Orestes Hendershott.

Undivided back, artist-signed, used postcard. Postmarked September 6, 1905 from West Hoboken, New Jersey. Artist:  Antlers.

Price:  $10.00

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Czech Postcard By M. Aleš

Czech Postcard By M. Aleš pc1Czech Postcard By M. Aleš pc2


“…Kvetouci strom lhal lásky žel, svou lásku slavik růži pěl…”

The line above is from the lyrical, epic poem “Máj” (May) by Czech romantic poet Karel Hynek Mácha (1810 – 1836). The English translation found online is “…blossoming tree lied love, his love rose nightingale sang.”  “Máj” was published at the poet’s expense in 1836, and not well received by critics and contemporaries, who judged it to be too confusing and chaotic. Mácha died at the age of 25, having contracted pneumonia after over-exerting himself in helping to put out a fire. Recognition of his literary contributions did not come until later:  In the 1850s he was glorified by other writers; in the late 1930’s his body was exhumed and given a state burial; a statue honors him in Petřín Park, Prague; he’s been commemorated on several postage stamps; a lake was named after him in 1961; and the work “Máj” is now considered a classic of Czech Romanticism.

The artist, M. Aleš

Mikoláš Aleš (1852 – 1913) is regarded as one of the Czech Republic’s greatest artists, and unlike the poet recognized on this postcard, Aleš did enjoy fame during his lifetime, at least for his architectural paintings; after his death his paintings and drawings became more widely acclaimed. It’s estimated that he had over 5,000 works published, appearing in a wide variety of media, including magazines, textbooks and even playing cards.

This postcard is estimated to be from the 1910s – 1921 due to the publisher information found at the ever-helpful site. The publishing company Minerva (1890 – 1921) was founded by Bohemian poet, Eliska Krasnohorska. By at least 1912, they were publishing Art reproductions.

Divided back, unused, artist-signed, Czech postcard. Publisher:  Minerva. Circa 1910s – 1921.

Price:  $20.00

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The Tree Spirit

The Tree Spirit pc1The Tree Spirit pc2

This postcard is signed by artist E. Weaver. Biographical information was not found online but Sherry Arent Cawley, in Berrien County, author of one of the Postcard History Series put out by Arcadia Publishing, describes the artist as  “…a very prolific American postcard artist at the turn of the century through the 1930s. His designs, in sets of 8 to 32 are whimsical and humorous with many drawn in a simplified Art Nouveau style.”

Indeed, prolific is the word, as numerous cards can be found currently for sale, and in browsing through, it appears the artist used a different color scheme for each series; this above was one of a set in green and black, and shows the lovely poem,

“True Friendship

True friendship is a golden link

Which none should seek to sever

And mine will last, I truly think,

Forever and forever.”

The back is signed,  “From Your Most Humble Friend, O.S.”  and at the top,  “x x x”.  Another in the series was found currently on eBay dated by the sender in 1922.

Divided back, unused with writing. Publisher unknown, series or number 2328, 32 designs. “Art Birthday Message.” Circa 1922.

Price:  $5.00

Source:  Cawley, Sherry A. Berrien County (Postcard History Series). Charleston:  Arcadia. Author copyright year 2000. p. 30. (Google eBook).

“The Raggedy Man”

The Raggedy Man pc1The Raggedy Man pc2

Poetry at Our House

I like to tie one post in with the next, and the tie-in on this one is maybe a stretch, but the Coney Island post reminds me of the Dog Days of summer, as does this postcard. The partial poem seen here is a childhood memory:  we had a book on the shelf at home, was it The Children’s Book of Poetry? No, maybe Poetry at Our House? But it had this poem, “The Raggedy Man”, as well as James Whitcomb Riley’s other very well-known poem, “Little Orphant Annie.” My sisters (and brothers?) used to read out loud from the poetry book, and the lines I remember best, are, “…The Raggedy Man! He works fer Pa….” and then from Little Orphant Annie, “…an the Gobble-uns ‘ll git you ef you Don’t Watch Out!”  Which at four years old scared me a little (I’d find myself later glancing up at the ceiling, pondering) but that I loved to hear. If these poems were a part of your childhood, too, no doubt all will come back in a rush, when you read them in their entirety. (There are a couple of typos in the poems; don’t mind them.) Notice the similarity between the illustration on this postcard and the one for “The Raggedy Man” (in the link) which was done by artist Will Vawter. It would not be a surprise if the postcard artist, Cob Shinn, had been inspired by Vawter’s image, as we’ve previously noticed evidence of this kind of thing within the world of old postcards.

Cob Shinn or Cobb X. Shinn?

According to an online compilation of the Jay Small Postcard Collection, Ca. 1907 – Ca. 1940s, Conrad “Cobb” Shinn (1887 – 1951) began doing art for postcards around 1907, which is the date the Scofield-Pierson Co. copyrighted the card, so it would seem that “Cob Shinn” was the earlier signature the artist used. The same shorter signature appears under another postcard by Shinn of an illustration of James Whitcomb Riley himself, with the same Scofield-Pierson copyright, which can be found for sale online at the moment. The Scofield-Pierson Co. shows up under the heading of “stationers” rather than publisher, though they could have been both. The publisher name on our postcard here appears on the back as Import Postcard Co. (And see our other Cobb Shinn postcard, This Tin Lizzy Makes Some Feed!)

To Mamie from Elsie

On to the particulars on the back…the addressee is:   “Miss Mamie Coulson, Newberg, Oregon.”  The sender wrote:

“Am at Norcatur attending a Teacher’s Association and have heard some very good talks. How are you and Eva now? Elsie Conklin.”

The 1910 Federal Census taken in Scotts Mills, Oregon, shows:  Jesse E. and Harriet B. Coulson, born Iowa, 1856 and 1855 respectively, Jesse’s occupation is Orchardist; daughters Mamie A. Coulson, born 1892, and Ethel A. Cox, born 1880, and their cousin, Eva B. Frazier, born 1890, the latter three all born in Kansas. A few quick searches for Elsie show too many possibilities, and would require a more detailed look.

Divided back, used postcard. Postmarked January 9, 1909[?] from Norcatur, Kansas. Design copyrighted 1907 by the Scofield-Pierson Co. Publisher:  Import Post Card Co., Indianapolis, Indiana. From Riley’s “Rhymes of Childhood.”

Price:  $15.00

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