Another For Alma Johnson

Another For Alma Johnson pc1Another For Alma Johnson pc2

“With songs so gay let’s greet the Year,

That Time will stay his flight to hear.”

I had almost forgotten that I had another one addressed to Alma. The street is spelled correctly on this one but the year of the postmark did not get stamped completely. Based on the research for the prior post, January 1st Greetings, the postmark year is probably 1915, although the same card design shows up online in another postcard that is postmarked 1911. But this is a nice one with a court jester playing the lute, and Father Time with wings carrying a scythe, a globe, and an hourglass. It’s signed,  “from Ted & Enice”  and addressed as,  “Mrs. Alma Johnson, Wadsworth St., Hartford Conn.”

According to the excellent website Metropolitan Postcard Club of New York City, the publisher L & E would be Lubrie & Elkins, of New York City. Lubrie & Elkins produced all the postcards holding the H.B. Griggs illustrations. The front of this card is signed with the initials “H.B.G.”

Divided back, embossed, used postcard. Postmarked Dec. 31, likely year 1915, from New Briton, Connecticut. Artist:  H. B. Griggs. Publisher: Lubrie & Elkins. Series 2266.

Price:  $15.00

Source: “Lubrie & Elkins.” (Publisher – L).  Metropolitan Postcard Club of New York City. Web accessed January 1, 2015. []