Detroit Girl

Detroit Girl

Cabinet Card, circa 1880s. Charles A. Millard photography studio, Detroit, Michigan.

Price:  $15.00

A beautiful but seemingly sad Detroit girl. Why the sad look? And we wonder what her ethnic background was. Too bad there is no identifying information on the card for the young lady. But it’s a wonderful portrait from the Charles A. Millard studio, guessing from the 1880s. Charles A. Millard teamed up with Benjamin F. Powelson, and in around 1879 or 1880, Millard bought out Powelson. Besides artistic photography, Millard’s studio also offered portraits in pastels, India Ink, oil and watercolors. For more information on Charles A. Millard see the prior post.

What A Hat!

What a Hat

Oval miniature photo on cardboard matting, circa 1880s – 1890s.

Price:  $5.00        Size including matting:  2 x 3″

Another miniature photo found in Salinas, California (I think.) Woman in feathered hat, possibly ostrich. The size including the cardboard mat is 2 inches wide x 3 inches high. The photo itself measures about 2/3 of an inch wide x almost 1 inch tall. The original photo is clear, but impossible to get the clarity in the scan unless we were to remove the photo from the cardboard. It’s highly unlikely that a name was put on the back of the photo.

New Brunswick, BC Mother and Child

Frederickton NB Mother and Child

Cabinet Card. Circa 1890s. Photography studio:  Harvey, 164 Queen St., Fredericton, New Brunswick, Canada.

Price:  $20.00 including frame

One of my favorite images:  This one was found in an antique store in Salinas, California. I fell in love with this photo and it hangs on a wall in the frame it was found in. It was also the first old photo that I bought and I guess, got me hooked on collecting. I would love to know the names of these two young ladies. I presume them to be mother and daughter. Some web research shows that this may have been taken by photographer John Harvey. The Harvey studio was founded in 1883 according to their website, and their current address is still on Queen St., in Fredericton. Note the “leg ‘o mutton” or “gigot” style sleeves of the mother’s dress.

Reid Family in San Luis Obispo, CA

Grandma and Aunt Mary's Home 1Grandma and Aunt Mary's Home 2MargaretWilliamWilliam at 1306 Higuera StMother and Wendell Mother and Wendell Our Home Our Home Ella Margaret and WendellHotshots Billy and Myself 001Hotshots Billy and Myself Wendell, Bill and Me Wendell, Bill and Me Grandma and Grandpa Grandma and GrandpaAunt EthelAunt Ethel Cousins and Their Dollies Cousins and Their DolliesWendell and His Teddy Bear Wendell and His Teddy Bear Wendell and Ella Margaret Wendell and Ella Margaret

Old photo set in small leather book-style album

Price:  $15.00

These charming photos are from a small leather-bound photo album found in a Morgan Hill, California antique store. They are of the Reid Family of San Luis Obispo, California, and the comments on them appear to have been written by Margaret V. Reid, granddaughter of Thompson Reid and Charlotte Marinda Manson. Margaret was the daughter of William Thompson Reid and Ruth Waite. Margaret V. Reid’s siblings were William and Wendell “Wennie”. The top photo shows the grandparent’s home at 1306 Higuera St. in San Luis Obispo. Others identified in the photos are the children’s mother, Ruth (Waite) Reid, Ella Margaret Hoyt, cousin to Margaret, William and Wendell, and their Aunt Ethel C. Reid (married name Senom?)