A Happy Easter To Maybell Morgan

Divided back, embossed, unused postcard. Publisher:  Whitney Made, Worcester, Massachusetts. Made in U.S.A.

Price:  $4.00

Easter, 1927

A Happy Easter

“Songs and flowers and skies of blue

They all come with Easter and

my wish comes too

For Easter gladness”

A cute card to Maybell Morgan from Rosemary:  Three rosy-cheeked children, (their look may remind you of illustrations from England) and an adorable quacking duck, are on a hilltop with daffodils. Appearing from the other side of the hill is a cozy cottage and the silhouette of some trees.

Meliden Road, Prestatyn, Wales


Divided back, used postcard. Published by Summerskill, Prestatyn, Wales. Postmarked August 13th, circa 1904 – 1910.

Price:  $7.00

Prestatyn is a seaside resort town in Denbighshire, Wales. Located on the coast of the Irish Sea. The town of Rhyl (mentioned by the sender of the postcard) is located about 4 miles west of Prestatyn, and is also a seaside resort town. Although the year the card was mailed is unreadable, the stamp used is a King Edward VII “yellow green” which possibly dates this postcard from around 1904 – 1910. The postcard was addressed to:

“Miss Lane, 84 Bloxwich Rd., North Walsall, Staffordshire.”  The upside-down writing reads as:

“Dear J(?), It is lovely here. We are going to Rhyl one day. Wish you were here. Sitting in the garden writing these with love, Elsie.”