Page & Nunn, Brockton, Mass

Page And Nunn Brockton Mass tc1

Trade Card, circa 1882, Brockton, Massachusetts.

Price:  $15.00             Size:  About 2 and 5/8 x 4 and 3/8″

“Page & Nunn, Manufacturers of the Purest and Finest Confectionery, 427 Main St., Brockton, Mass.        D. L. Page.     F. T. Nunn.”

A trade card in what we like to call the “Breakthrough” style (see category under this name for more) and we couldn’t resist putting this one up after the Lupe Patton post because of the hairstyle and angle of the pose (he he). This was done by the well-known lithography firm Bufford of Boston, Mass. This particular design of the beautiful child with the soulful brown eyes may have been a popular choice back in the day:  We have another that will go up next, advertising a different company.

Dudley and Frederick

Page & Nunn were Dudley L. Page and Frederick T. Nunn according to the 1886 Lowell, Mass. city directory. Dudley was living in a house located on Humphrey “near Dracut line” and Fred was rooming at the shop, which was located at 46 Merrimack in Lowell. They appear in the 1888 Lowell directory, as well.

Page & Nunn Ad 1886

1882 in Brockton

But per our trade card Page & Nunn were found in the Brockton city directory 1882 with the business address same as on the card. There was supposed to be an ad for them on page 456, but evidently it never got submitted. The 1882 shows Dudley was living in a house in Lowell, and Fred was rooming at the Star Building on Main St. in Brockton.

A little more on Dudley

Dudley L. Page was found on the 1880 Federal Census for Lowell, living with his widowed mother, Ann Page, at 42 Church St. Dudley is listed as married, born in New Hampshire about 1846. Also in the household are grandchildren of Ann:  Lucien, Lena and Archie McLoon.

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Year: 1880; Census Place: Lowell, Middlesex, Massachusetts; Roll: 545; Family History Film: 1254545; Page: 563D; Enumeration District: 469; Image: 0628. (

J. I. Case Threshing Machine Co.

J I Case Threshing Machine Co tc1

“Compliments of J. I. Case Threshing Machine Co. Racine Wis. Send for Catalogue.”

Two travelers crossing a stone bridge in wintertime. The lithography company is Bufford, whose name shows halfway cutoff at the bottom left. This trade card is probably from the 1880s or ’90s. This is one of those posts that, in particular, could lead to hours of fascinating reading, if one has the time. According to the company’s ad in the 1929 city directory, the J. I. Case T. M. Co. was founded in 1842. It continued through many incarnations till the 1990s when it merged with CNH Global.

Founder Jerome Increase Case (1819 – 1891)

Jerome Increase Case

A full page ad from the 1929 Racine, Wisconsin city directory. There’s Old Abe’s likeness in the center; she was the famous eagle from the Wisconsin 8th Volunteer Infantry.

J I Case 1929 Ad

The real Old Abe with her color guard in Vicksburg, 1863.

Old Abe 1863

Our trade card at top, though not in the best of shape is, at the time this post was put up, the only one in it’s particular style, showing online. Although there are a few others that can be found, that are even more to the point, as they advertise some of the J. I. Case farm equipment being sold at the time. The “stone bridge” is a pretty common fixture in old trade cards, postcards and other ephemera. Our card was likely one of a set of winter scenes.

Trade card, J. I. Case Threshing Co. Circa 1880s – 1890s.

Price:  $25.00              Size:  3 x 4 and 1/4″

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