From Liona And Buddie

From Liona And Buddie pc1From Liona And Buddie pc2

Divided back, Real Photo Postcard. Postmarked December 24, 1914 from Norwalk, Connecticut.

Price:  $5.00

“A Merrie Xmass to all from Liona & Buddie. Come up to see our tree.”

Addressed to:   “Mrs. Raymond & Daughter, Upper Main St., Norwalk, Conn.”

Two adorable kids bundled up for winter. The one, about three or four, pushes the other, about one year old, in a stroller. One might think that’s Buddie on the right and Liona on the left, but the names could be for the parents, instead. Nothing definitive shows up in Norwalk for them and same for the addressees. But on a different note, the outfit of the older child might remind you of those little Christmas-y figurines of the kids all bundled up in white – I found out that they are called “Snow Babies” and there are modern collectibles as well as antique figurines.