Schnauzer By Rivst

Schnauzer pc1Schnauzer pc2

Divided back, artist-signed, unused postcard. No. 103 Pinscher (Schnauzer) Publisher:  Stehli Brothers. Printed in Switzerland. Date unknown, possibly circa 1940s  – 1950s.

Price:  $12.00

Artist-signed postcard of a Schnauzer from a work by I. Rivst or J. Rivst, who is known for his (or her?) artwork of dogs and horses. The first initial of the artist’s name is in question. Other examples can be found online, and in some the first initial looks more like a “J.” The publisher logo appears in the stamp box and is for Stehli Frères (Stehli Brothers) of Zurich, Switzerland. According to the website , Stehli Brothers were printers of art books, fine prints and high quality color photogravure postcards, and known for their artist-signed cards of views and animals. (Photogravure is a process where an image is produced from a photographic negative transferred to a metal plate and then etched in.) Stehli Brothers was purchased by Rosenstiel’s in 1995. Besides the typical corner wear, this card has some small marks of discoloration on each side, and a horizontal mark towards the top.

Source:  Metropolitan Postcard Club of New York City. Accessed 28 Jun 2014. []

Birdies By A. Wagner

Birdies By A. Wagner pc1Birdies By A. Wagner pc2

Charming, artist-signed, vintage postcard of a painting by A. Wagner showing a couple of  colorful songbirds sitting on a tree branch with pink blossoms. In the vicinity is a meandering path through a meadow leading toward what looks to be a forest off in the hazy distance. As of the date of this posting, research regarding all the particulars appearing on the back of the card, isn’t bringing up a whole lot. Another postcard was found on eBay by this same artist, with the same publisher logo, (V & Co?) printing and importer info, and with said date for that postcard to be approximately from the 1920s. So, that is a possible time-frame for this one, but we will definitely be on the lookout for any others. In any case, this is a great card, and here’s a bit of springtime for all of you this year, in the Midwest and the East, that have been hit with yet another big snowfall.

Divided back, unused postcard. Publisher unknown. Series or Number 262/2. Printed in Switzerland. Imported by Europa Import Co., New York, NY. Date possibly circa 1920s.

Price:  $15.00