Three Generations

Three Generations pc1Three Generations pc2

Divided back, unused, Real Photo Postcard. AZO stamp box. Circa 1907 – 1918.

Price:  $5.00

A wonderful Real Photo Postcard photo of three generations of beautiful ladies:  mother, daughter and granddaughter. Too bad that there is no identifying information for them. On the back of the card, in pencil, is written what appears to be  “Bell”  but this could just be the name of the postcard dealer that had the card at one time. The grandmother wears a fur-trimmed dress, a long necklace with cross pendant, a round pinned locket, and a small piece of jewelry decorating the fur trim. Her daughter is simply attired in a dark collarless dress gathered at the neck, and her daughter, the youngest, is a little girl of about two or three, in a white dress with elbow-length sleeves. She wears her short blonde hair in two little pig tails on top, and has what appears to be a wide bracelet on her left arm, but it’s her radiant and loving expression that captures us!