Puerto Armuelles, Panamá

Puerto Armuelles Panama pc1Puerto Armuelles Panama pc2

Here’s a Real Photo Postcard from the Republic of Panamá, 1947. The cancellation mark is too blurred to read the city. The sender wrote:

“Hi Sweet:  Here is a picture of our ship! and by the way, I got the dates[?] wrong on the letter. I…?… to you:  Will explain in the 4th coming letter!  Love. Frank.”

The card was addressed to:   “Miss Jeanette Hume, 2100 Virginia St., Virginia Court #6, Berkeley, Calif.”

Well, here is a mystery. What was the name of this ship? It’s always interesting, and quite frustrating, when you can almost make out a detail like the name on the hull. I looked at ship photos on various online sites but didn’t come up with a match. And this is part of the Alice Ellison Collection, for which we have many more to put up.

Divided back, Real Photo Postcard. Postmarked May 11, 1947. Republic of Panamá.

Price:  $25.00