An Inviting Porch

An Inviting Porch pc1An Inviting Porch pc2

What a beautiful spot! An long, inviting, shady front porch, with two rockers, one large and a smaller children’s size, a lovely wooden bench (have you seen one with the slats this far apart?), pots of flowers, is that a small bunch on the wall next to the door on the far left? How about that fence? There’s nothing like the old metal ones from the early 1900s, and why do we rarely see them anymore? They’re the perfect type for fencing in a small garden (if you have say, a medium-sized to small dog that likes to chew rose bushes or eat all your tomatoes – lets the sun in but keeps the marauder out.) But of course, they’re just as nice framing a beautiful old home like this one. I’m not sure of the architectural style. Maybe Folk Victorian. Note the uncommon placement of the chimney in the center above the roof line. But what is most unusual is the fact that there are two single, front doors, next to each other. What was the story behind the design? Did the family have a lot of kids constantly running in and out and the parents made an “in” and an “out” door?

Divided back, unused, Real Photo Postcard. AZO stamp box, all four triangles up. Circa 0907 – 1918.

Price:  $5.00