A Theater Troupe

A Theater Troupe pc1A Theater Troupe pc2

A Real Photo Postcard showing a wonderful, very clear photo of what appears to be a group of probably amateur theater actors, posing outside in a field. There are some houses in the background and we see part of a wooden building directly to their right. Perhaps this was taken after the production of a town play or commemorative event. The costumes appear to be from around the Civil War Era. In picking out some of the clothing and accessory details, of course the four top hats are a standout; there’s a newsboy hat on the young man fourth from the left; we have a gentleman in slightly dramatic fashion lighting or smoking a pipe on the right in the back row; the ladies bonnets with flowers and ribbons stand out, especially the higher-billed ones; there’s a beautiful velvet brocade? parasol; a drawstring purse; velvet-collared jackets on six of the men; a very distinctive (I’m no fashion expert but I’ve never seen this) cut-out design on the long sleeves of the young woman fifth from the left (if you look closely you’ll notice that this dramatic effect was obtained from buttons fastening at intervals down the sleeves.)

Real Photo Postcard, unused. AZO stamp box, circa 1910 – 1930.

Price:  $25.00