St. Mary’s in the Mountains, Virginia City, Nevada

St. Mary's of the Mountains pc1St. Mary's in the Mountains pc2

Divided back, unused postcard. Circa 1968. SC11346. Color by Mike Roberts, Berkeley, Calif. 94710

Price:  $25.00

Pearl of the Comstock

St. Mary’s in the Mountains Catholic Church is the oldest church in Nevada. This postcard depicts Elizabeth Holland McDaniel’s beautiful oil painting entitled “Pearl of the Comstock.” At the time of this posting, I am not finding any duplicates of this postcard anywhere else online. There also doesn’t seem to be much available information on the artist, other than a description for her as “a mid-20th century artist.” The description on the back of this postcard could be interpreted several ways. Was the painting the artist’s first to win an award anywhere, or was the painting the first of the centennial celebration to be given an award, or did the artist win more than one award at the centennial but her first was for this painting? Since the celebration must have taken place in 1968, the painting might have been done in that year, or just guessing, maybe sometime in that decade, possibly 1960-1968.

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