Easter Greetings From Maebelle McFall

Set of two, divided back postcards. Unused, with writing, dated 1925. Publisher:  Wolf & Co., Philadelphia, Pennsylvania. Series 461.

Price for the pair:  $10.00

Bunny checking his look in the mirror….There don’t seem to be too many Easter-bunny-looking-in-mirror cards that had been dreamed up and printed, as we discovered after Googling for images. And we’re seeing this one, on another site, attributed to artist Ellen Clapsaddle. So that’s a possibility for both of these cards, though they are both unsigned by the artist, so it’s hard to say, for sure. Clapsaddle was a well-known illustrator for publisher Wolf & Co., also called Wolf Co. or referred to as the Wolf brothers. But both of these cards were sent by Miss Maebelle McFall to her cousins Lowell and “Jr.” and are part of The Alice Ellison Collection on this website.

“Jr” and Lowell are George Louis Mugridge and Lowell J. Mugridge, born 1923 and 1924 respectively. Maebelle McFall, born in Colorado in 1912, is the daughter of Jennie May Ellison and Ernest V. Pearsall McFall (biological name Pearsall, stepfather’s name McFall). The boys are her cousins on her mother’s side.

“Dear Little Cousin Jr. I hope the bunnies stope in to see you and bring lots of eggs. I know you are an afful cute boy and I would like to see you. Your Loving Cousin Maebelle McFall   1925  (Lots of xxx and ooo)”

Baskets of eggs….and a bun that seems to minding the store…

“Lowell, I hope the bunnies brings lots of Easter eggs to you. I hope your big enough to walk so you can hunt your Easter eggs. Lot of Love from your cousin Maebelle McFall   1925   Plenty of ooo and xxx for Lowell” 

Compliments Of Your Bro, M. M. Miller

Compliments Of Your Bro pc1Compliments Of Your Bro pc2

“A Happy Easter”

A beautiful postcard of – I think these are supposed to be – Easter Lilies along with a cottage scene, a gold ribbon and dramatic rays of light surrounding all. And the capital “A” in the Easter wish some shadow behind it, giving it kind of a 3-D effect.

This was sent by M. M. Miller, the same person in the prior post, and he writes:   “Compliments of your Bro. M. M. Miller to J. M. Ellison.”  

Addressed to:   “J. M. Ellison, 26 St. & Cheyenne ave, Pueblo, Colo.”

Divided back, embossed, used postcard. Postmarked March 25, 1912 from McDowell, West Virginia. Publisher unknown. Series or number B53.

Price:  $3.00

Happy Easter From Uncle M. M. Miller

Happy Easter From Uncle M M Miller pc1Happy Easter From Uncle M M Miller pc2

Three Easter chicks and flowers, in a basket that has a nice sunshade of a leaf with a pussy willow border. So cute!

This card and the next one to follow, were sent by the same person, for the same Easter, and to the same Ellison household. This one is addressed to:

“Bessie Ellison, 26th St. & Cheyenne ave., Pueblo, Colo.” 

And the sender wrote:   “Compliments of your uncle m. m. miller, to Bessie Ellison.”

See The Alice Ellison Collection on this website for more.

The postmark appears to say  “McDowell, W. Va.”  which seems unusual, as McDowell is a county in WV. A town by that name can be typed in to Ancestry.com (if you’re familiar with the search format) as in “McDowell, McDowell, West Virginia” but nothing shows up in an actual search for anyone at all in this supposed town, and nothing was found online naming a town as such, so maybe it was a county-named post office?

Divided back, used, embossed postcard. Postmarked March 25, 1912 from McDowell, West Virginia. Publisher unknown. Series or number 618.

Price:  $3.00

Kindest Greeting From Mrs. Burger, Hardtner KS

Kindest Greetings From Mrs. Burger Hardtner KS pc1Kindest Greetings From Mrs. Burger Hardtner KS pc2

“A Peaceful Easter”  is the wish that adorns this 1911 embossed postcard done in muted gold and gray tones, showing a pretty girl in an egg-shaped “window” with three chicks. (So cute the way the one chick is standing on the girl’s shoulder!) The egg is flanked by lilies of the valley. The note from the sender states:

“Kindest greeting to All. Mrs. Jennie[?] Burger.” And the card is addressed to:   “Mrs. Alice Ellison, 26 & Cheyenne Ave. Pueblo, Colo.”

The publisher mark, double A in circle, is another example of the publisher believed to be under the name of the American Art Production Company. I have a post half-done and just need to finish it. Don’t know why I haven’t yet, jeesh! After Easter, for sure. And this card is one of many in our Alice Ellison Collection.

Divided back, embossed, used postcard. Postmarked April 13, 1911 from Hardtner, Kansas. Publisher:  The American Art Production Co., Series 680/6.

Price:  $4.00

Dear Little Sister

Dear Little Sister pc1Dear Little Sister pc2

This is a beautifully designed  “Birthday Greetings”  postcard of an Ireland-looking scene of boats in the bay, green hills, a castle in the distance, bordered by four-leaf clover with flowers and three cheerful birdies. The embossing is wonderful, the detail of the clover…it’s kind of too bad this got so soiled over the years, but then again, what’s a few coffee stains, etc? It’s another from The Alice Ellison Collection, and the sender, Lizzie, writes:

“Dear little sister, I hope you passed to the third grade. How is Mamma? We are all well. Dos. & Geo. was out last sunday. love from your sister Lizzie.”

Addressed to:   “Miss Henrietta Ellison, 26 st. & Cheyenne Ave., Pueblo, Colo.”

This postcard is unusual in that when you flip it over, it’s upside down. Wonder how many others turned out that way.

Divided back, embossed, used postcard, postage stamp removed. Postmarked from Sacramento, California, 1912. Publisher:  Pacific Novelty Company, San Francisco, California. Made in Germany.

Price:  $2.00