Edward Payson Butler (1834-1923)

Edward Payson Butler was born in Clinton, Pennsylvania May 13, 1834, son of Hezekiah Goodwin Butler and Emily White, according to the 1879 genealogy compilation of Benjamin Cleveland and family. All seven U. S. Federal Census records, as well as one of two online California voter records indicate the year of birth as 1834, with the 1900 census showing the month as May. The 1850 census, taken in Dyberry, Wayne Co., Connecticut, shows Edward P. Butler, age 16, with parents Hezekiah Butler, born about 1800 in Connecticut and Amelia W., (Emily) born about 1801, also in CT (the middle initial W possibly standing for her maiden name of White) and sister, Mary E. Butler, born PA about 1836. This census shows the father’s occupation as Shoemaker.

A quick rundown of the rest of the census records for Edward and a couple of voter registrations are as follows:  1860 census, San Francisco, E. P. Butler, renting a furnished room, occupation “fruitirer”; 1867 California voter reg., Santa Cruz, photographer; 1870 census, Santa Cruz, Edward P. Butler, photographer, staying with other renters; 1871 California voter reg., Santa Cruz, photographer; 1880 census, San Rafael, CA, Edward P. Butler, photographer, living with him is partner Francis A. Cook, photographer, born NY about 1833; 1900 census, Reno, NV, Edward P. Butler, photographer, listed here as married for 34 years; 1910 census, Hamilton Township, Butte Co., CA, Edward P. Butler, widowed, staying at the Odd Fellows Home (I.O.O.F.); 1920 census, Saratoga Township, Santa Clara Co., CA, Edward P. Butler, widowed, staying at the Odd Fellows Home. This last Odd Fellows residence (a beautiful Spanish-style building) still exists today, operating under the name of Saratoga Retirement Community, and is still owned by the Odd Fellows (but membership is not required.)

According to the above-mentioned Cleveland Family genealogy compilation, Edward was married to Mary Jane Harvey in 1856 and they had two children, Ira G. and Edward P., who sadly died very young:

Edward Payson, b. in Clinton, Pa., May 13, 1834, m. in 
Princeton, Ill., Aug. 13, 1856, Mary Jane Harvey, dau. of 
Daniel Harvey, Esq. Children, all b. in Illinois : 1. Ira 
Goodwin, b. June 28, 1857; d. Aug. 27, 1858. 2. Edward 
Payson, b. Nov. 20, 1858; d. June 12, 1860. Divorced 
from wife Mary Jane, and resides in Santa Cruz, Cal. 

The marriage year of 1856 listed above is ten years off from what is stated on the 1900 census. If the 1856 date is correct, then the year could either have been mistakenly given or mistakenly recorded at the time of the census. However, there is further information in an online source for a marriage of E. P. Butler and Mary J. Harvey, May 13, 1885; both are listed as Reno residents. So, it would seem that Edward and Mary Jane divorced and later re-married. Mary Jane does not appear on any of the census records, and must have died after the 1900 census, but before the 1910.

As to Edward’s professional life, much as already been recorded, and can be found in the book entitled Pioneer Photographers of the Far West: A Biographical Dictionary, 1840 – 1865, by Peter E. Palmquist and Thomas R. Kailbourn. This same info plus additional detailed information can be found in an MAH (Museum of Art and History, Santa Cruz) blog posted by Stanley D. Stevens, dated May 12, 2007. The following is a professional timeline for Edward P. Butler, gleaned mostly from the research of the above authors but with a little new information added in here, regarding San Rafael, the date Edward was in Reno, and the mysterious “Paige” partner:

1862 – 1863 Petaluma, CA Ambrotypist, photographer. Advertisement stressed expertise in photographing small children, and detailed price list of photos in casing types including, Turtle Shell, Jewel, Jenny Lind, Union, Papier Maché. 1864 Watsonville, CA May 28, 1864 announcement for new photographic gallery, located opposite Mr. Dorrance’s Harness Shop. Butler’s ad stated there was “no humbug about this gallery” as he used only the best materials, and promised “perfect satisfaction guaranteed, or no pay.” By August 13, 1864, partner “with a person known only as Paige” (possibly Gaige, see below.) November 1864, tax permit purchased to operate a traveling photographic business. 1865 – 1879 Santa Cruz, CA September 8, 1868 ad for new gallery located on second floor at corner of Pacific Ave. and Locust St. 1880 – 1883? San Rafael, CA Partner Francis A. Cook. 1883 – 1885 Virginia City, NV Owns Nevada Art Gallery in partnership with G. Waterhouse. 1885 – 1900 Reno, NV Reno Art Gallery owner by at least 1886. 1910 Hamilton Township, Butte Co., CA Probably retired, living at the first of two Odd Fellows homes, no occupation listed.

Searches for the photographer listed as Butler’s partner in August of 1864, and known only as Paige, come up empty. However, there appear to be likely two possibilities under Gaige. Authors Palmquist and Kailbourn, referenced above, list entries for A. G. Gaige, George A. Gaige, and J. G. Gaige, all active in Arizona and New Mexico. It’s likely that of these three Gaiges, two of them are the same person. It is very common in census records, for instance, for the first and middle initials to be reversed, and people often went by their middle names. And there is the additional possibility that J. G. Gaige was incorrectly heard and reported as A. G. Gaige. Author Jeremy Rowe (Photographers in Arizona 1850-1920, A History & Directory) cites photographer J. C. Gaige, who was active in New Mexico and Arizona, but this person would be the same as J. G. Gaige (both Rowe and Palmquist and Kailbourn state he died at Camp Goodwin, AZ  July, 1869.) Rowe lists photographer Francis A. Cook in the paragraph just prior to his J. C. Gaige reference, Cook being well-documented in early Arizona photography, and a known partner to Butler per the 1880 Federal Census taken in San Rafael, CA.  So, not finding any references to Paige, knowing that typos occurred in newspapers, and with the fact that many of these photographers, as we can see, moved around quite a bit, sometimes working as “traveling photographers,” therefor having occasion to know each other first-hand or at least to have known of each other, it’s possible then that Edward Payson Butler partnered with either of the Gaige photographers for a very short time.

Edward Payson Butler died in 1923, age about 89. A photo of his gravestone can be found online at Findagrave. He was buried in the I.O.O.F. Cemetery, Saratoga, Santa Clara County, CA.

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Find A Grave memorial # 33093840 (www.findagrave.com)

George Rowell Butler, Photographer

Butler Logo

Butler photographer’s logo that appears at the bottom right of theSalinas California Couple” photo.

George R. Butler (1861- c. 1935) California-born photographer, active in counties of San Francisco, San Benito, Monterey and San Mateo. This post refers back to the photo of the Salinas, CA couple posted earlier on this site. It’s uncertain without the photographer’s first name being given, but I believe George R. Butler to be the likely photographer for that photo, as records substantiate the fact that he did work and live in Salinas for part of his career.

What we learn from the various census, voter registration and city directory records is that George R. Butler was born about September 1861 in California. The 1870 Federal Census taken in San Francisco, shows George to be the youngest of five children born to Miner Butler and Anna M. (Anna Mary Eves Bennet per unsourced Ancestry trees. 1880 census shows Anna’s sister Maria Bennett, single and living with then widowed Anna, so it would appear Anna’s maiden name is Bennett.) The 1880 shows George at the start of his career, listed there as Photo Apprentice, age about 18, and living with his mother, three of four siblings, and aunt. The 1882 San Francisco voter reg shows George and older brother Charles, both photographers and living at 212 Octavia, which is either their mother’s address or right next door. The 1886 – 1892 voter reg records show George living in San Francisco still, but at 305 Polk.

George married Sadie (Sarah, Sallie, born CA about October 1869) in about 1892. The couple is residing in Hollister in 1894 and by at least 1897 they are in Salinas (voter reg records.) The 1900 census shows that the Salinas address is possibly 240 Main St., though the street number is not recorded there; boarding with them is James W. Church, occupation Constable. By 1910 George and Sadie had moved up to San Francisco and are shown on that census as staying with George’s mom. The 1920 shows that the couple had moved to San Mateo; with them is Margret Blattner[?], listed as sister-in-law to George. There is a California Death Index record that shows a George R. Butler, born approximately 1863 with a death date of June 14, 1930 in San Mateo County. However, there is a 1935 city directory record for Hillsborough, San Mateo County, showing a George R. Butler and wife Sarah. So, George’s date of death is uncertain.

The above is a pretty good rundown of biographical information from online sources, which of course, are always good to check into, in order to corroborate, clarify and sometimes even offer corrections to existing career info. But, career-wise, besides the Salinas CA couple photo example on this website, (surmised to be George R.’s work) other examples can be found at the excellent website California Views:  The Pat Hathaway Photo Collection; see the last source listed below for that web address which has a link for George R. Butler and some of wonderful examples of his Monterey County and San Benito County landscape and building photos. 

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