Four Little Angels

Four Little Angels pc1Four Little Angels pc2

Divided back, unused Real Photo Postcard. Cyko stamp box. December 1912.

Price:  $15.00

This one is from December 1912, showing four siblings, ages maybe about 18 months to six years old. The eldest is a girl, the middle two are boys and the youngest, I believe, is a boy, as well. They can’t be any cuter with those angelic faces! They’re posed in their kitchen or dining room. We see a table draped with a white cloth and a couple of dishes set up there, and two beautiful dark wood chairs, not too ornate but with sort of an unusual scalloped top. The wallpaper is lovely, and there’s a small curio shelf covered with what looks like a linen cloth with a flowered, lace edged border, and various knick knacks. The sun is shining in the room, and the three youngest are looking at the camera while the girl gazes off into the distance. Thankfully, there are wall calendars hanging up, and the month and year are readable. Upon close scrutiny, we see that the one on our left indicates December, and the one on our right shows November, and what looks like 1912. It is 1912, but ahaaa! November’s page is halfway torn off to reveal December’s dates matching with the calendar on the left. Also, of much interest, is the print of the pretty dark-haired girl in bonnet, tacked up on the wall. Just the kind of thing we are now looking at as “antique ephemera” so for me, I get this stepping back in time, or the “veil” between time frames is very thin, kind of feeling – more so than normal. Love it!