Chase Each Shadow Cold

Chase Each Shadow Cold Away c1Chase Each Shadow Cold Away c2

Christmas card, circa 1890s.

Price:  $4.00.      Size:  5 and 1/2 x 4 and 1/4.

“May this joyous Christmas Day

Chase each shadow cold away.”

A Christmas card on heavier stock, done in brown tones, of a quaint stone church in a country setting. The back shows,  “With Love from Nettie.”

The name Nettie was not uncommon at one point. This card is estimated to be from about the 1890s. Nettie may have been a nickname for Annette, Anita, Henriette, Gianetta, Jeanette, or Antoinette, just to name some possibilities. In a quick Ancestry search, the name Nettie comes up most often for women born between about 1870 and 1900, then starts dropping off. Reminds me of the mystery we have on our Irish side, Nettie McPharlin, daughter of Edward McPharlin and Bridget Fosset, “married a Mr. Devett.” What are the odds of this card being from my 3rd-times great Aunt Nettie? Probably about the same as winning the lottery, but it’s a good reminder to renew the search for our Nettie.

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