Miss Francis Burgin

Miss Francis Burgin cdv1Miss Francis Burgin cdv2

This Carte de Visite, circa 1859, was found in an antique shop in San Juan Bautista, California. Though the descendants are named on the back as grandson Philip McArthur and great-grandson Neil McArthur, no match was found online for Francis (possibly spelled Frances) Burgin and family. But it’s amazing to have this much information – quite out of the ordinary! And what is that plume-like object that Francis holds in her right hand? Upon closer inspection it looks like it may be a hat with a plume or fur top and a wide dark band.

Note:  Probably the original size was 4 x 1/2″ but for some reason the right-hand side of the card was trimmed.

Carte de Visite. Circa 1859.

Price:  $10.00       Size:  4 x 2 and 3/8″

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