Bird’s Eye View, Utica, New York

Birds Eye View Utica NY pc1Birds Eye View Utica NY pc2Portuguese Writing2

This is the third of three in the small Cunha Family Collection (we may find more, you never know.) The sender has written in Portuguese to his friend, Mrs. John Cunha who is Mary (Azevedo) Cunha. The family name also appears as Da Cunha.

If anyone can translate the message, do please reply to this posting. The handwriting is a little difficult to read. It starts out,  “Utica NY. September 3, 1908. My good friend…”  and is addressed to:

“Mrs. J. Cunha, 115 Sumner St, Taunton, Mass.”

This postcard view is a pretty common one online, in black and white and the colorized version above. It shows up as early as 1906, and a later, somewhat different view, identifies the prominent street as Genesee. The sign on the building on the left  “Warnes, Pianos”  is advertising the establishment of William Warnes, who shows in city directories under the heading “Pianos and Organs” at the business address of 3 Gardner Block

Divided back, used postcard. Postmarked September 4, 1908 from Utica, New York. Publisher:  Utica Paper Co., Utica, N. Y. Made in Germany. Series or number 41596.

Price:  $5.00

Source:  Utica Business Directory, 1907. p. 782. ( U.S. City Directories, 1822-1989.)

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