Mrs. Antoinette Skelton’s Dining Room

Mrs. Antoinette Skeltons Dining Room pc1Mrs. Antoinette Skeltons Dining Room pc2

“Dear Mrs. Brown – May I have the pleasure of your and your daughter’s (both) company to 1 o’clock luncheon on Wednesday, May 27th? Come as early as you can. Sincerely, Antoinette Skelton, 497 S. El Molino Av. Pasadena. May 22 – 08.”

Addressed to:   “Mrs. T. W. Brown, 2659 Romeo Str., Los Angeles, Cal.”

What a nice way to send a luncheon invitation – via a Real Photo Postcard of the dining area of the hostess. This home, alas, is no longer in existence:  it’s address – 497 S. El Molino Ave., Pasadena, is now an apartment complex. Antoinette Skelton appears to have been Mrs. Antoinette H. Skelton, widow of L. L. Skelton according to city directory listings. Mrs. T. W. Brown is Mrs. Ophelia Brown, of 2659 Romeo St., Los Angeles, widow of Thomas W. Brown. The 1910 Federal Census for Los Angeles shows Ophelia and her two daughters, Rolla A. and Ruth W. Forward (Ruth later shows under the last name of Brown.)

As to the dining room, probably most or all of the items, (furniture, paintings, the room screen, clock etc.) could be identified for style and period by experts in their respective fields of antiques….but without getting technical it’s been fun to look at the room in detail and ponder….who’s likenesses appear in the paintings above the mantel (these gentlemen look familiar), what is that message in the framed embroidery?, what type of chandelier would hold a place for houseplants (was this just a temporary decorating flourish by the hostess or was the chandelier designed this way?) who were the small framed photos of (on the mantel) and how about that whimsical pottery-type face that hangs on the wall, and the mantel and faux? fireplace itself with the unusual indentation for small decorative objects….

Divided back, used, Real Photo Postcard. Postmarked May 22, 1908 from Pasadena, California.

Price:  $20.00

Sources: Los Angeles Directory Co’s Thurston’s Residence and Business Directory of Pasadena, 1915 – 1916. p. 369. ( U.S. City Directories, 1822-1989.)

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Year: 1910; Census Place: Los Angeles Assembly District 70, Los Angeles, California; Roll: T624_80; Page: 6B; Enumeration District: 0221; FHL microfilm: 1374093.

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