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I love this candid photo. What a great expression this guy has! It makes you happy just to look at him – his carefree, confident grin caught for the camera, as he walks down the street. The year is about 1941, and the place, presumably a city somewhere in Mexico. We see several others out and about, and some advertising, though the ads would be difficult to completely decipher. The back of the card indicates¬† “Kodak Mexicana, Ltd.”¬† and the stamp box shows EKC and Sello. identifies this stamp box as being from 1941, and we can see the clothing and hair styles fitting this general time frame. The guy on the right wears a double-breasted suit jacket. The main subject of the photo in suit and tie wears a thin mustache….But that smile!

Divided back, unused Real Photo Postcard. Mexico, circa 1941. Kodak Mexicana, Ltd. EKC with Sello stamp box.

Price:  $3.00

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