Wishing For You In Augusta, Michigan

Broken Wishbone pc1Broken Wishbone pc2

“I Broke My Wishbone

Wishing for You in


Come and Mend it P. D. Q.”

A cute pennant postcard showing a small photo of a tree-lined dirt pathway in Augusta, Michigan. Augusta is a small town in Kalamazoo County; the 2010 census recorded the population as 885. And if this is an actual photo from Augusta, then that could be the Kalamazoo River, however pennant postcards tended toward generic scenes, and it’s probably more likely that this one was not from the actual area. The publisher is possibly Auburn Post Card Company, but nothing definite was found to verify this, though they did do pennant cards and others with series or numbers like the one we see here. This one will go in the mystery category regarding the publisher….But the back header is nice and shows the publishing company’s initials. The card was addressed to:

“Miss Ella Ellison. 1314 F St. Sacramento Calif.”  (I’m not sure what the 267 or 269 under the address refers to.)  The sender wrote:

“My dear Ella, Glad to have your note. Excuse my answering it with a Postal. You & Al look quite nifty in those sailor suits. What’s the idea of the “Cigs”. I think you are learning bad tricks. I’ll have to come back but I’m married now…[?]…Married life is great but it don’t pay to write Particulars ‘en ever’thing on a P.C. – Get me?! Ha! – Yours R.A.B.

Divided back, used postcard. Postmarked December 1919 from Augusta, Michigan. Series or number 2138.

Price:  $5.00

Source:  Augusta, Michigan. n.d. http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Augusta,_Michigan. (Accessed March 1, 2015).

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