Girl In Hat

Girl In Hat p1

Studio photo of unidentified girl, circa 1920s. Size:  4 x 6.

Price:  $5.00

Here’s a charming studio photo of a beautiful little girl, perhaps around eight to twelve years old. How to describe her hat? Well…cloth, perhaps satin or silk, with a turned up brim, much larger in the front, with pleats or folds. The crown’s material is folded over to the side….The perhaps square neckline on her dress or blouse shows under a vest of a lighter color that has two decorative cloth buttons at the shoulders. She wears a short pearl-type necklace and probably matching earrings. Her hair is either short or pulled up under her hat, she has a direct gaze and wears a slight smile. We can clearly see that this photo was at one time in an oval frame. Back to this hat…this particular style wasn’t showing up while browsing online through all manner of hats for girls and women. One thing is clear on the subject of hats – the styles are limited only by the imagination. What one could dream up, one could make or have made. This photo is estimated to be from the 1920s.

Update, April 10, 2024:  We have a potential i.d. for this young girl, from another portrait photo found later. See what you think:  Katheryn Earhart, Elizabeth’s Best Friend.

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