List of Detroit Photographers 1880

  • Abraham, A.W.           187 Grand River ave
  • Allen, Frank W.           83 Michigan ave.
  • Bardwell, J.J.              120 Michigan ave.
  • Joseph Boivert            148 Dubois
  • Bradford, H.J.              257 Michigan ave.
  • Campbell, S.W.           134 Gratiot ave.
  • DeForest, D. A.            1 Larned w.
  • Eisendhardt, C.            204 Randolph
  • Forster, J.T. & Son,      180 Gratiot ave.
  • Hadstate, H.C.              227 Jefferson ave.
  • Hinchey, P. J.                500 Gratiot ave., h [home] same
  • Hunter Bros,                 131 and 133 Michigan ave.
  • Leonard, C.W.              231 Jefferson ave.
  • Levy, Charles               175 Woodward ave.
  • Lutge, Frederick           53 Monroe ave.
  • Marratt’s City Hall Photographic Gallery   131, 133 and 135 Woodward ave.
  • Millard, Charles A.  (Successor to Powelson & Millard)   222 and 224 Woodward ave. (See adv, p. 125.)
  • Randall, C.C.                220 Woodward ave.
  • Simonds, J.S.               149 Jefferson ave.
  • Taylor & Taylor               244 Woodward ave.
  • Tromblay, E.E.               59 Monroe ave.
  • Watson, J.E.                  41 and 43 Monroe ave.

This list of 22 photographers is from the Detroit City Directory for 1880, and includes their business addresses. The use of the small a for avenue or the small w for west, seems to have been the way it was done back then, as this has been noted in other directories, newspaper articles, etc. I found this list while researching Charles Millard, and just thought it was interesting, and that it may come in handy for someone searching for an 1880’s era Detroit photographer. Just as an aside, and by contrast to the number of photographers above, the next category is physicians, and that list holds 220 entries.

Source:  Detroit City Directory for 1880. Compiled and published by J. W. Weeks & Co. (Google books online)

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  1. Responding to a recent query sent to my email. At this time I don’t have any photos by Frederick Lutge, but I’ll keep on the lookout for any. (My reply to the email keeps rejecting so I hope you see this!!!) Anne

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