Rue de la Fabrique, Québec, PQ

Livernois pc1Livernois pc2

I think of this postcard as “The Livernois” but obviously according to the back of the card the subject matter is Fabrique St. in the city of Québec, Canada and “the cathedral.” It is unusual I think, to have the cathedral unnamed in the description on the back of the card. A little research clarified that this is the Basilique-Cathédrale Notre-Dame de Québec. It is the building just to the left of the clock tower building. You can see the cross topping the rounded cathedral tower. As stated in the description, the original foundation was built in 1647. The cathedral was destroyed two times, ravaged in the British bombardment of the siege of Québec, and by a fire in 1922. The second restoration was completed in 1930, the cathedral was classified as a historic building in 1966 and listed on Canada’s national register in 1989. As to the “Livernois” it appears to have been a drugstore. The date of the postcard is unknown, but perhaps from the 1930’s.

Published by Michel Photo, Montréal, Canada. P2717. Plastichrome by Colourpicture. Divided back. Printed in the United States.


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