The Conversation

The Conversation pc1The Conversation pc2

Divided back, unused postcard. Publisher unknown. Date circa 1910 – 1920.

Price:  $4.00

Unusual postcard scene of a girl on a pony, talking with a boy that is standing a little bit in front of them. The boy and girl appear to be having a conversation, and the scene takes place on a dirt road with the houses or other buildings of the community behind them, and in the background some snow covered mountains. For some reason this scene reminds me of Eastern Europe, but it could depict a number of different locations around the world. The image is round and surrounded by a gold-tone border with white – how does one describe these designs? I’ve seen a similar design once or twice before on other postcards – they remind me of thistle. I like this card because of it’s unusual theme and design, and the slightly optical illusion effect of the circle going off the postcard.

Update Sept. 2015:  The scene’s location mystery appears to have been solved. No, it does not match this web author’s fanciful Eastern Europe impression; as it turns out it is much closer to home – the Pacific Northwest. See River Logging Stereoview.

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