The Feathers Hotel, Ludlow, England

Feathers Hotel pc1Feathers Hotel pc2

Divided back, unused postcard, sepia tone, white border, glossy finish. Printed in England. Publisher unknown. No. 18493. Date unknown, possibly circa 1950s.

Price:  $5.00

The Feathers Hotel in Ludlow, Shropshire, England is famous worldwide for it’s half timbered façade and Jacobean furnishings. The oldest part of the inn, including the façade, was built in 1619 by Rees Jones, a successful attorney. It was designed as a residence but converted to an inn by the builder’s son, Thomas. The name comes from the ostrich feather motif that appears as part of the half timbered design. The feathered motifs are located “on the collars of the three street gables,” according to their website. Although the feathers are not really discernible in this photo, you can easily see another interesting detail: that of the “faces” that are centered between the diamond shapes on the second floor.

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