Horse And Buggy Couple

Horse And Buggy Couple pc1Horse And Buggy Couple pc2

“12 1/2 of these”  appears written in pencil on the back of this Real Photo Postcard. Hmmm, maybe this was photography lingo for twelve “half-size” or something to this effect. But it’s a beautiful photo of a young couple posing for the camera, seated in their buggy, with horse hitched, ready to start or resume a jaunt in the country. There are some nice details to pick out:  hats for both (of course) the young lady’s is a fairly wide-brimmed straw topped with flowers; a pin-striped suit and bow-tie for the gent; and they are cozy under a fringed lap coverlet (perhaps it was morning, with a little chill in the air.)

Divided back, unused with writing, Real Photo Postcard. Circa 1910.

Price:  $10.00

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