The Well of Friendship

The Well of Friendship pc1The Well of Friendship pc2

Just to tell, I wish you well,

And may we both rely,

That never, shall

Our Friendship’s well,

Be e’er found running dry”

Beautiful embossed postcard regarding friendship showing a well with ivy and forget-me-nots with some overlay of silver tone. It seems odd that the “Nought But” part is at the bottom. Was it supposed to be “Nought But the Well of Friendship” or just “Nought But” regarding this is just a friendship card? Also odd that the silver runs over on the last few lines of the card. Was this supposed to be like an early scratcher? (half-way joking) But no, the silver tone doesn’t scratch off.

Divided back, embossed, unused postcard. Circa 1912.

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