Happy Birthday Chrysanthemums

Happy Birthday Chrysanthemums pc1Happy Birthday Chrysanthemums pc2

Beautiful embossed postcard printed in Germany, showing some mums in shades of purple, pink and blue that are displayed at the top of a brick wall, as in a garden patio wall. In the background is either a sunrise or sunset scene, or is that supposed to be the moon? I don’t think it much matters, the colors in this card are just gorgeous. The four corners show an unusual gold tone design, and at the bottom of the card in red, is printed¬† “A Happy Birthday.”¬† It would be easy to miss the name appearing on this card, but there it is at the bottom showing that this card was given to somebody’s “Uncle Lyman.”

Divided back, embossed, unused postcard. Printed in Germany, publisher unknown. Series 1600. Circa 1907 – 1915

Price:  $7.00