Marchands de Figues de Barbarie

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551 Scènes et Types. Marchands de figues de Barbarie.

Barbary Fig market scene, Casablanca, Morocco. The Barbary Fig, also referred to as the cactus pear, prickly pear and Indian fig, is a certain type of cactus and it’s fruit. Both the green pad or nopal and the fruit are eaten. The fruit or “tuna” is also prized for the tiny amount of oil that can be extracted from it. The oil is used in cosmetic creams and shampoos and is said to have excellent anti-aging properties.

Ed. [Editeur translated as publisher] “La Cigogne” I, Rond-Point, Lapérouse, Casablanca. The french term “scènes et types” I believe refers to more of the broad general category of scenes, such as the market scene in this post, and of people typical to the area or types. The usage for this phrase shows up under other publishers, in addition to La Cigogne. Perhaps in English the equivalent might be titled something like “people and places.” A cigogne is a stork, and we can see here the little stork symbol on the bottom left of the back of the card.

Divided back, deckled edge, unused postcard. “551 Scènes et Types.” Publisher:  “La Cigogne” I, Rond-Point, Lapérouse, Casablanca. Circa 1950s.

Price:  $10.00

Source:  Opuntia ficus-indica. n.d. (accessed November 29, 2013).