Handsome Sailors

Handsome Sailors pc1Handsome Sailors pc2

Real Photo Postcard with white border, unused. AZO stamp box, circa 1918 – 1930.

Price:  $7.00

Great photo, a little blurry but really nice content of two guys on board some type of vessel, grinning for the camera. Both wear hats but the hat insignia is not very clear. You can see that the eagles’ heads are facing to the guys’ left, and the eagles’ outstretched wings are quite a bit lower than the heads of the eagles. I am not finding this same design in online searches. The insignia most closely resembles that of the U.S. Navy, but we wouldn’t want to assume that these guys were Navy, for sure. You can see the star on the jacket sleeve of the guy on the left; a good detail that should help in the i.d. process. For now we have more questions than answers, so this is one for the “needs more research” category.

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