Anton Plotěný

Anton Ploteny pc1Anton Ploteny pc2

“Anton Plotěný – 2nd oldest. Served in, and was a prisoner of war in Italy at the last stages of it. In some kind of uniform but I cannot remember what. Blacksmith of trade. Please send back as I have no duplicate.”

This photo was a “must have” – for one, because of the identifying information given (which is so often missing) and secondly so we could help this young man’s image continue to survive, especially after the care expressed by the writer above, and especially in the hopes that his descendents might find this post and recognize him. It was found at an antique paper fair in California, and probably had been originally obtained from an estate sale. The Plotěný surname is probably of Czech origin. And since WWI was 1914 – 1918, this photo was likely either taken during this time or before the war. He does appear to have been quite young here, probably in his late teens or very early twenties.

Real Photo Postcard, possibly of Czech origin. Circa 1910 – 1918.

Price:  $15.00

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