Song Of The Merchant Kalashnikov

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Russian postcard from a painting of a scene about the epic poem by Mikhail Yuryevich Lermontov (Михаи́л Ю́рьевич Ле́рмонтов). The full title of the poem in Russian is “Песня про царя Ивана Васильевича, молодого опричника и удалого купца Калашникова” and is about Tsar Ivan Vasilyevish (Ivan the Terrible), a young Oprichnik (guardsman in the Tsar’s police force), and the valorous merchant Kalashnikov, but the title is often known under the shortened version of “Song of the Merchant Kalashnikov” (Песня про купца Калашникова). Lermontov (1814-1841) was a gifted Russian poet, novelist and artist, and is considered to be  “…the supreme poet of Russian literature, alongside [Alexander] Pushkin and the greatest figure in Russian Romanticism.” (Wikipedia)

The description on the card in Russian is:

Как сходилися, собиралися, Удалые бойцы московские, На Москву-реку, на кулачный бой, Разrуляться для праздника, потешиться.”

Online quick translations are varied but the description has to do with a boxing or fight scene at the Moscow River. At the bottom left of the back of the card is printed in Russian “12 Художник В. С е м е н о в” indicating series or number 12 by artist V. Semenov. This artist’s name shows up on other vintage postcards of this era, but more information on the artist was not located, as of the date of this posting. In any case, this is a wonderful card (the colors!)

Unused postcard with Russian stamp. Year of stamp 1975. Postcard published 1974. Copyright. Publisher:  “Изобразителъное искусство”  Moscow 1974 (Издательство “Изобразителъное искусство” Москва 1974.)

Price:  $20.00


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