Emma, Lionel And Marie

Emma Lionel And Marie pc1Emma Lionel And Marie pc2

Real Photo Postcard. Divided back. Unused with writing. AZO stamp box. Circa 1907 – 1918.

Price:  $12.00

Real Photo Postcard showing a wonderful oval studio portrait of Emma, and her two children: toddler Lionel, and baby Marie. Although the back of the photo does not specify that the mother is Emma, I think we can presume that whoever wrote it would put the mom’s name first. I did some searching through the 1910 and 1920 U. S. census records but was not lucky enough to find any possible fit (what a time-consuming endeavor it would be to do a thorough search) but perhaps the photo will be recognized by a family member…..The stamp box is an AZO with four triangles pointing upward, so circa 1904 to 1918, but then with divided back puts it around 1907 – 1918. To pick out the details in these images is always interesting and revealing:  In this one I love how Emma is holding baby Marie’s hand; the look on Marie’s alert little face; Lionel’s blonde, blonde hair; his gazing off-to-the-side expression, and chubby cheeks; the lacework on Marie’s cap and sleeves; the contrast between Lionel’s dark hat, dark stockings and high button boots, with his white (or maybe very pale pastel) tunic and knickers; Emma’s stylish dress with the darker underside to the sleeves to match the darker waistline sash; her stand-up neckline trim of dotted lace and ruffle; and her eyeglasses which appear to be not eyeglasses at all, but a monocle with a pince nez, also called nose piece or nose bridge.

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