Birthday Wishes From Pauline To Goldie

Birthday Wishes From Pauline To Goldie pc1Birthday Wishes From Pauline To Goldie pc2

Divided back, embossed, unused with writing postcard. Series or number 609 – 7. Publisher or printer logo is 2 capital “A”s  – one larger than the other, in a circle. Circa 1910.

Price:  $4.00

Pretty colors on this one and nice lettering showing “Wishing You A Happy Birthday.” Yellow rose with buds on a light blue background with a very nice embossed border of white leaves. The back shows,  “From Pauline to Goldie.”

The very distinctive post card heading on the back – with the sort of spiral staircase design around the “C” is seen both with the publisher or printer logo that we have here – one or two “A”s inside a circle – and also seen on postcards by publisher E. Nash with the copyright symbol and “N” inside a triangle. On the Nash cards that I’ve seen using the spiral design, “Copyright E. Nash” is printed on the outside left of the spiral. The question is did Nash maybe buy out whoever was publishing or printing under the “A” in circle logo? I have a Nash one dated 1913 and an “A” in circle one dated 1910. These examples will be posted next.

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