Woman With Vase

Woman with Vase pc1Woman with Vase pc2

Another beautiful young woman posing with what appears to be a vase. Love her pose, the large hair bow, the double rows of buttons on her skirt and blouse, and her lovely, rather dreamy expression. If you look closely at the fabric on her right sleeve you will see that it is of a light plaid pattern. I believe this photo dates from around 1910 – 1915, somewhere around there, after having visited other sites and blogs regarding women’s clothing and bows. Also the back of the card shows the very important stamp box information of AZO with all four corner triangles pointing upward. AZO refers to Kodak Professional AZO Paper, a popular photographic paper used in producing real photo postcards. The AZO stamp box varied over time, and is very helpful in dating old photos.

There are a couple of unfortunate marks on the woman’s face. If I ever have nothing to do (ha!) I will work on this one in Photoshop to get a nicer copy.

Real Photo Postcard, divided back, unused. AZO stamp box. Circa 1910 – 1915.

Price:  $10.00