Greetings From Waverly, Missouri

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“Dear Mrs. Ellison. We are leaving for home next week. Have had a grand visit. Have been to visit all of Mac’s relations. And have pictures of them all. Love. from Virginia, Mac & girls.”

Oh how the historians today for Mac and Virginia’s family would love to see those photos! Hopefully, they still exist and are in the next generation’s safe keeping. This is another from the Alice Ellison collection.

Waverly is a small town in Lafayette County (northwestern MO) that was established on the 1840s. It’s known for it’s wineries and also as the “Apple Capital of Missouri.” It overlooks the Missouri River, though it’s likely that the image depicted here is a generic one.

Divided back, used “Linen” postcard. Postmarked September 23, 1938 from Waverly, Missouri. Publisher info:  “NYCE” Quality Colored Landscape Locals. Made in U.S.A. Series or number 61240.

Price:  $5.00

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