A Jolly Christmas To All

Divided back, embossed postcard. Postmarked December 1910 from New York.

Price:  $10.00

Hello, Santa! A lovely rendition of Santa Claus wishing all a Jolly Christmas. In the background some holly decorating a rectangular tableau of a small house in winter at sunset or sunrise (glass half empty or half full? 🙂  as in, if you’re a morning person and your glass is full it would be sunrise.)

Sent to:   “Miss Reeta Peet, Hallcot Center, N.Y.”

The sender wrote:   “Wishing you a Merry Christmas. Write soon. Ethel.”

Reeta Peet would have been about about ten years old when she received this postcard. The 1905 New York State Census shows Reeta L. Peet, age five, along with her family:  father Horace B. Peet (occupation blacksmith), mother Mary E., and older siblings, Maritta M., Edith M., Arthur W. and James E.

Source:  New York State Archives; Albany, New York; State Population Census Schedules, 1905; Election District: E.D. 01; City: Halcott; County: Greene; Page: 8. (Ancestry.com).