Mrs. Alvidsen At 11,660 Feet

Real Photo Postcard, circa 1907 – 1915

Price:  $15.00         Size:  3 and 3/16 x 5 and 3/8″

“Mrs. Avildsen at Corona 11660 feet El.”

The location for this one was a mystery, until we (thankfully) received the comment from one of our readers. So, this has to be Rollins Pass which was sometimes called Corona Pass, and is located in the Southern Rocky Mountains.

Postcard publisher unknown, so far

The postcard publisher or printer is another mystery. I’m not seeing this particular style of Real Photo Postcard back on any other site or in Walter Corson’s Publisher’s Trademarks Identified. Also, the size is a little smaller that the average RPPC (and the bottom doesn’t seem to have been cropped). If the card was produced in the U.S. the postal regulations didn’t allow for the divided back until December 1907.

Source:  Rollins Pass. n.d. (accessed February 15, 2021).