May You Be As Happy…

May You Be As Happy pc1May You Be As Happy pc2

“May you be as happy yourself

As you’d like to see anybody else.”


This postcard shows a lovely vista of water and shore artistically draped by red flowers and with the above verse. This is the second posted for “The Lena Davis Postcard Collection.” Addressed to:  “Miss Lena Davis, Almena Kan.”  The sender wrote:

“Long Island. Sept. 2   Hello how you [?] am fine and dandy. got home all right had some bad luck while I was gone. I guess you have heard about it, to bad you didn’t have my thing[?] to come for ha, ha. well [we’ll?] come again. say I have gained one pound in 2 days – that is picking up [?]”

This is the third of three in the sort of “mini-look” at an unknown publisher (see the two previous posts) and E. Nash, a known postcard publisher but for whom not much is known. So, here you can see the Nash logo on the front – capital “N” in a triangle, and “Copyright E. Nash” next to the spiral design in the back header surrounding the “C” in Post Card. As previously mentioned, the same postcard header minus the Nash copyright appears on postcards with publisher or printer logo capital “A” or perhaps two capital “A”s inside a circle. The previous postcard submitted on this website is dated 1910 and this one’s dated 1913, so one might surmise that, sometime between the two dates, E. Nash bought out the person or company that was initially using this postcard header, or maybe just bought the rights to the design. I don’t know if there were any other publishers, besides the two in question, who also used this same header, but I haven’t seen any yet. More research needs to be done and more dates looked at on more postcards.

Divided back, embossed, used postcard. Postmarked September 3, 1913 from Long Island, Kansas. Publisher:  E. Nash. Series or number G 10.

Price:  $6.00