Yucca Wood

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“Yucca Wood (brevifolia) Wood of Moods and Legends, but especially one legend which tells us that whosoever contacts YUCCA will have good luck. May this inspiration of the Ancients be two-fold, bringing you Peace of Mind and Blessings of Divine Influence.”

The front of this postcard is made from actual Yucca wood. And what a beautiful thought; It goes out to all everywhere! The sender wrote:

“Hello Sweetheart:  Guess what? Henry got one yesterday. A four pointer while we were in Reno. Grand weather up here now. Only cold at night. Be seeing you soon. by now – Mother.”

Addressed to:   “Miss Jeanette Hume, 2208 Grove St., Berkeley 4, California.”

Divided back, Yucca wood, used postcard. Postmarked September 25, 1945 from Truckee, California.

Price:  $7.00