I Can’t Tell Why But I Do

I Cant Tell Why But I Do pc1I Cant Tell Why But I Do pc2

Happy Valentine’s Day!

Here’s a postcard by the mysterious publisher D. Hillson, who did quite a number of cards, but who’s identity appears to be unknown. He was not found in city directories, Google Books, Newspapers.com, etc. This heart shaped design with couple kissing is one of a series of at least three (we see two others online at the moment.) But this is a funny one for the wording – murmured phrases by a couple in love:

“I can’t tell why but I do – do somthing doing all the time, you are my own arn’t you dearie. Put the lights out.”

Addressed to:   “Miss Myrtle Miller, Dunkirk, Ind.”  And the sender wrote something also a little mysterious:

“A.L. won’t say a word. It’s all O.K. though Sat. Night. H.”

Divided Back, used postcard. Postmarked November 20, 1908 from Dunkirk, Indiana.

Price:  $7.00